How to Track your lost /Stolen Mobile Phone using IMEI number and your Mobile Network Operator

International mobile Equipment Identity or IMEI is a unique number integrated in every mobile phone printed at the battery compartment or can be found by dialing *#06# in the dial pad. It is like a fingerprint that identifies each handset that is created by a electronics and communications company. Today, the IMEI is used in tracking lost mobile phones.

Lets see how you can use IMEI number to track your lost or stolen mobile phone:

  1. First up you need to find your phone’s IMEI number. If you have not yet found it read our article on 6 ways to find your phone’s IMEI number 
  2. Call your phone; this will help your mobile operator locate your phone
  3. Call your mobile network provider, give them your mobile number, and explain them that your phone has been lost. After certain verification measures they will be ready to help you.
  4. Provide them your IMEI number, and request them to block your phone immediately.
  5. Also ask them to help locate your phone.
  6. Using the IMEI and the SIM number the mobile operator will be able to send out a ping to your lost mobile phone. If your phone is switched on, it will return this ping, this along with the call you had placed earlier to your phone will help triangulate its location.
  7. Once done, your mobile network provider can provide you with the exact co-ordinates of where your phone is currently located.

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