If your mobile phone has been lost or stolen then one of the first things you need to do is contact your mobile network operator, and inform them of the same. This will allow them to block your SIM and also assist you in locating you phone.

Wondering how to contact your mobile operator without a phone? Follow the steps underneath

  1. Get hold of a working mobile phone of your family or friends. In case you have nobody close by, and are travelling in a public vehicle, request your co-passengers for help. Somebody will be willing to lend you a phone, for your call.
  2. If you cannot locate a mobile phone, try to find the nearest payphone (STD/local call phone booth)
  3. If you have managed to get a phone with same mobile network operator as yours, then simply dial the support number, and speak to an executive ASAP, explaining them your situation, and they will help you out. For all mobile network, toll free support care number is 198
  4. If you are unable to locate a phone with same network provider as yours then dial the following numbers. Same numbers apply, If you are calling from a payphone:

For Airtel Prepaid – 9810198101

For Airtel Postpaid – 9810012345

For Vodafone – 9811098110

For Tata Do Co Mo – 1800-266-121

For BSNL – 9415024365

For Reliance – (Your city code) 30333333

For Reliance Jammu & Kashmir – 9018090180