Suddenly one day your mobile is stolen or it gets lost. Now you might be thinking what to do? It clicks to your mind about an email id where you can lounge complain of your missing phone. You send an email to this particular id which is But you don’t get back any response. You would be wondering why?

The answer to this question is that this service does not exist anymore. So if you would have launched your complain on this email id than sorry to say you wasted your time and energy.

Almost everybody would have received an email regarding this service that can help you to find your lost or stolen phone. So please go through below mentioned information so that all your questions regarding are clarified.

History behind EMAIL ID: was an official id of Chennai Police. In order to solve the stolen mobile cases Chennai police took an initiative and created this email id. People in case lost their mobile or it was stolen just had to send an email with all required information like IMEI number, model number etc to this particular email id. No need to go to a police station to file a complaint.

Chennai police was able to solve many cases of mobile theft with help of this service. This email id was quite functional in that time. But this id was created to solve the cases that were in the jurisdiction of Chennai only not beyond that.

This service became famous after an article was written by “The Hindu” as how Chennai police solved the mobile theft cases with this service. Since then it came into people’s attention. People started sending emails regarding this service. But this information was somewhere lost that this was only for Chennai jurisdiction.

Since 2006 due to some technical reason this mail id stopped working but as it is in the public forum, till today it is circulated online through forwarded mails. So people due to these mails think that this service is still active.

Create awareness about

So now you have known the entire story of this email id. Everybody is requested to create awareness among people that this service does not function anymore. So please do not rely on this service to search for your lost or stolen phone.
You can check the non existence of this email id at

Take following step if your phone is lost or stolen:

  • First thing that you should do when phone is lost or stolen is to file a police complain.
  • Give police necessary information like IMEI number, model number etc to police. With help of IMEI number police can track the phone.
  • Take help of a database called “Lost, stolen and found mobile”. All you have to do is enter your IMEI number on this database.
  • Search with help of tracking apps that you might have installed, like IMEI tracker, I-phone tracker etc.