Given the important functions of the mobile phone in today’s lifestyle, it is very important that you do everything it takes to keep it secured. However, there are times when even your best efforts are not enough, and you end up losing your phone thru loss or theft. There are all kinds of methods used for retrieving mobile phones. One of the earliest methods that existed for finding phones is thru What are the things you need to know about this method? Is it still effective? Are there other alternatives available? Here are some of the things you need to know.

What Is is an email address that used to be owned by the Chennai Police. This email was created out of an initiative by the Chennai Police to create a more effective means for tracking down stolen mobile phones. For a little perspective, Chennai is the Capital of Tamil Nadu, and a major metropolis of India. Mobile thefts occur in Chennai, as well as all across the world on a daily basis.

Chennai Police had created the email ID, to help the cops in tracking down lost mobile phones. Chennai residents were encouraged in case of lost/stolen mobile phone to send in an detailed email to this ID, and Chennai police would look into the matter. The email would contain critical information such as the phone model, the IMEI number, the incident report of how you lost your phone, etc. This basically eliminated the necessity of going to police stations for help.

Given the immense convenience it provided, became one of the most popular email Id in the world. Chennai police was inundated with mails reporting lost/stolen mobile phones on this ID. This campaign has proven to be very effective, with the Chennai Police being able to solve a high number of mobile theft cases. The popularity of this email basically exploded when this campaign was featured in “The Hindu”. In fact, even non-Chennai residents started sending emails on a daily basis.

Does This Technique for Mobile Tracking Still Work?

When it was first released, there is no doubt that the campaign was a runaway success. It was successful in solving local cases of mobile thefts in Chennai. However, this email has a very critical limitation: the Chennai Police only focused on resolving theft cases reported within the Chennai area. Still, it worked very well while it lasted. Nowadays, this service does not exist anymore. In fact, this email has been nonfunctional since 2006.

If the is such a popular campaign, why did it cease to exist? According to the Chennai Police, this email address simply stopped working. As such, they cannot see all emails sent to the address, which simply meant that they cannot take action to all cases reported thru that email. The interesting thing is that a lot of people believe that this email still works, more than a decade since it was last functional. Forwarded in all kinds of forums and emails around the world up to this day, people are still reporting mobile phone losses and thefts in

So What Should You Do Now?

It is a given that as a campaign at large, was an effective method for retrieving lost mobile phones. However, this service does not exist anymore, being non-operational for more than a decade now. So what can you do about it? The best thing you can do is to tell people about it. If you have family and friends who are intending to use this email service, tell them that this service does not work anymore. Also, you can share this article in your social media accounts so that more people would know. Perhaps most importantly, you must know that there are alternatives available for tracking down lost mobile phones.

So what should you do now? If you lost your mobile phone, here are the steps you must do.

  1. Report the loss to the police- Once you lose your mobile phone, it is important that you have the loss reported to the authorities right away. It is important that you file an incident report to the police right away so that proper action can be taken right away. They can help you in tracing your mobile phone (in coordination with network providers) and possibly investigate the case of the loss of your device. Not only does this action help in finding your phone, but it will also help in finding who should be held responsible in case of a theft.
  2. Provide all pertinent information to the authorities– When reporting to the cops, it is important that you make your report as detailed as possible. It is important that you tell them basic information such as when and where you lost your phone. You should also report details about your mobile phone such as the type of unit and the IMEI number. The IMEI, also known as the International Mobile Equipment Identity, is a number that is unique to each mobile phone produced. You can obtain your IMEI by dialing *#06*. Make sure to have a copy of it saved for future reference.
  3. Report loss to a lost mobile database– Reporting the loss of your mobile phone in a lost mobile database is helpful in many ways. There are authorized websites that support such a database. A quick Google search of “lost, stolen, and found mobile” will yield legitimate results where you can send the IMEI of your lost phone. To register your phone, all you have to do is enter the IMEI on the database. From there, they will do the rest.
  4. Use tracking apps– A tracking app is an effective means for tracking down lost mobile phones. Different apps function in different ways, and they often do so without the thief knowing it. Some apps connect to GPS services for accurate tracking, while others send via email or SMS detailed coordinates of the phone’s location. More advanced apps even take photos using the front camera that may be used to identify who has possession of your phone. It must be noted that these apps should be installed in your phone before it gets lost.