Lost a smartphone? Let’s find it, here’s how.

If you have installed ‘Find My Phone’ app in your smartphone, this is the time to use it. Go to the website of the app and follow the instructions.

However if you like me, never installed any apps to help find you phone, and now you have lost it; then my sympathies are with you. However do not panic. If your is a smartphone, as almost all the phones are nowadays, then all is not lost yet.

Smartphones are called ‘Smart’ for a reason. They not only help you perform a host of different functions, but they can also protect themselves. Really SMART eh!.

Read on to know more about ‘Phone Retrieval Technology, and how using it you can locate your lost/stolen Smartphone.

How to find a lost Smartphone Using Phone Retrieval Technology:

  • If you have an Apple, Microsoft, or a Google smartphone, you are in good hands. All these companies have a feature called ‘Phone Retrieval Technology’ is installed in their smartphones to ensure that the owners can easily track their lost mobile phones.
  • The Phone Retrieval Technology, works via the account connected to the device.
  • For Android users, the app is linked to their Google account; iPhone users to their iCloud account and Windows Phone users use Microsoft account.
  • Login to your account and you will have numerous options to choose from.
    1. You can remotely wipe clean your phone of all the data, to ensure none of your sensitive data is stolen or misused.
    2. You can locate the current GPS location of your phone, and hopefully rush to it and get back your phone.
    3. You can get your phone to ring even without physically touching it. This will help alert people in case the thief has turned your phone onto silent mode, or in case your phone is buried somewhere, and you need to bring it to notice.

Catch: These features only work if the battery isn’t dead, so that’s a pre-requisite to track your smartphone using these techniques.

Points to Remember:

  • There are currently just a few effective third-party apps currently available for tracking lost phones.
  • For your smartphone its best to rely on the inbuilt phone retrieval technology.
  • Android users can download Android Device Manager feature designed to search for lost devices
  • Ensure your device management account is secured with a strong password and you know how it functions.