IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number is unique to each phone, and can be considered akin to fingerprint, which is unique to each individual. So a IMEI number is an almost foolproof way of identifying a phone. This is why it’s a smart choice to keep your phone’s IMEI number handy, in case your phone is lost or stolen.

Let’s see different options of how you can locate your phone’s IMEI number:

Option 1: Dial *#06* in your dial pad. The set of digits that would come out is the IMEI number of your phone.

Option2: Open your phone, go to Settings, click on About Phone. Here your phone’s IMEI number will be displayed alongwith other information about your phone.

Option 3: Check your phone’s body frame. The IMEI is usually printed in the battery compartment. Remove your phone’s battery and look underneath. It’s a 15 digits number, hard to miss.

Option 4: Check your phone’s original packaging box. For many mobile brands, like iPhone the IMEI number is printed on the outside of the box itself

Option 5: If your phone is a Android device, and you have connected it to your Google account, then you can locate the IMEI number by logging into your Google account Dashboard, and expanding the Android Device Manager tab.

Option 6: If nothing else works, desperate time require desperate measure. Locate the invoice of your phone’s purchase. Contact the shop/website/seller from whom you purchased the phone. If you are in luck, they might have your phone’s IMEI listed in their database.