Mobile phones are known to be one of the most important things that we must have because this is where some of our information is included already (especially smartphones that we often use for browsing the internet), and this is a demand that will last for a very long time which is why learning how to find lost mobile phone is a must. There are lots of thieves that are good in stealing your phone since they can sell this to recycle the demands of the people in finding the best phones, and for sure you don’t want to buy another phone again which is why you want to know how to find lost mobile phone.

Given the amount of private information available on that device, it would be not in your best interests if someone else can get access to it. This is especially so if the person who will have access to it is a thief

Not learning how to find lost mobile phone can make you a potential victim of this horror, and you will only add to the statistics of people who get their phones lost every single day. Stolen phones are usually sold to second hand goods  merchants and some underground markets where you can purchase very cheap phones that have high quality.

Fortunately, you can choose from many different solutions to track down your cellphone. The most common and most popular way to do this is by tracking your phones IMEI. You can actually do this with the help of your subscriber’s network. If you have your phone’s IMEI number, refer our article about how to track your lost mobile phone using IMEI number with the help of your mobile operator. Want to do more, read on

Aside from using the triangulation method which requires the help f your mobile network provider, there are other methods you can use  to track your phone using your IMEI. Some of these alternatives are not as easy as the others, but they provide a secondary option should other conventional techniques do not work. Here are other methods you can use for tracking a lost phone using IMEI.

Applications (Apps)

You can use software applications to track down a phone that is either lost accidentally or stolen. There are various apps of its kind available for smartphones, and they have multiple features that can come in handy for users. Some programs can be used to track a phone via its IMEI by logging into the website of the IMEI mobile tracker. Other apps will send coordinates of the phone to you via text messaging. These apps are sneaky effective as the thieves generally don’t have any idea that they are being tracked. Even anti-virus software such as Avast are now offering mobile security options that feature mobile tracking.

Anti-theft apps are now also becoming more advanced, even going as far as going for steps that can identify who has possession of your phone. Take for example the Thief Tracker app. Every time the person who holds the phone enters a wrong password or pattern, the app will make the front camera take a picture, essentially giving away the face of the suspect. Other applications are connected to popular GPS apps such as Google Maps, allowing you to find the location of the thief in real time. Some of these apps even have a means for securing your personal info. With a press of the button, you can clear out the memory of your phone so that thieves won’t have access to it.


There are multiple options available at your disposal should you need to track your phone. Those are just a summary of some of the best ways on how to track IMEI using subscriber’s network. These methods can greatly help you in both finding your phone and securing whatever is contained in it. So make sure to that you learn how to protect yourself from certain attacks, and not just learn how to find lost mobile phone because learning how to find lost mobile phone is just a security measure for you to avoid accidents from happening ever again!