International mobile Equipment Identity or IMEI is a unique number integrated in every mobile phone printed at the battery compartment or can be found by dialing *#06# in the dial pad. It is like a fingerprint that identifies each handset that is created by a certain electronics and communications company. It is their way of identifying every one with the same model and brand. It is usually used by the manufacturers to find out which is which. And then it is used by many of the satellite phones that are not connected to any network. Today, the IMEI is used in trackinglost mobile phones.

How to track IMEI – Triangulation

Many people are asking how to track IMEI in order for them to find the lost phones. tracking IMEI is not an easy process. Firstly, this should be reported to the authorities so that they will make an IMEI tracking letter which will be sent to the network provider. Once this is done the network provider will block the handset so that it will be useless until it is unlocked. The phone will not work even if the network SIM card is changed. The authorities or the manufacturers have a device that can track any phone with an IMEI. This device is connected to the manufacturer’s database of every single handset that they have created. As long as the phone is connected to a network, it can be tracked using triangulation process.

More on how to track IMEI

Triangulation works by sending a signal to a satellite then to the handset. By doing this, the exact location of the handset will be found using a global positioning and receiving satellite or GPRS. The only way to keep a satellite form tracking the phone is to remove the network SIM forever or to change the IMEI number, which is impossible because the only ones who have an IMEI changer are the manufacturer themselves.
This is the process on how to track IMEI numbers using a network. There are other ways on how to track IMEI numbers but that includes creating aGPRS integrated software that should include all the IMEI numbers of a significant number of handsets. How to track IMEI using this process is nearly impossible.

There are other methods on how to track IMEI numbers. Most of these methods on how to track IMEI can be done by you because these methods are powered by android software applications. First application on how to track IMEI is the Avast mobile security. How to track IMEI using this software can be very helpful because it can do two jobs at the same time. This application is an antivirus system and a mobile tracker using the IMEI number. The mobile tracker can be accessed using the Avast web portal. This IMEI mobile tracker cannot be seen by the thief and can unlock the phone until it is found. Mobile chase-location tracker is another software application for tracking the phone. Once activated, this software will send text messages to another phone. The messages will contain the coordinates of the phone using a GPS tracker.

One of the highest-selling tool on how to track IMEI is the “Thief Tracker”. This does not only show you how to track IMEI, it also takes a picture using the front camera every time a wrong pattern or password is entered. It then sends the images to another mobile phone of your choice. Smart look application also tells you how to track IMEI and it is linked to Google map in order for it to send emails of the location and the face of the thief. The GPS is set in a continuous tracking mode to help in tracking the thief. How to track IMEI is not the only thing these applications do. They also wipe the memory clean so that the thief will not be able to access the files.

How to track IMEI using the phones interface is easy. You just have to *#o6# in the dial pad. You can also look for it in the battery compartment or the SIM compartment. How to track IMEI using the phone settings is also possible. You just have to check the general information located in the settings. After that you have to copy the numbers and secure it. You can also enter it in a software that tells you how to track IMEI.