Lost your mobile phone? Sure you have tried your best to locate it?

Check out our list of ‘Helpful tips to locate your lost mobile phone’.

Nothing working!

You are sure your phone is lost/stolen?

Heard of IMEI? Looking to track your phone using IMEI?

Let’s get started: How to Track your Lost Mobile Phone using IMEI Number

To track your lost mobile phone using IMEI is a 3 part process. Part 1 will be locating your phone’s IMEI number, and part 2 will be getting in touch with your mobile network operator to help locate your phone. Part 3 will be taking action on the information you have gathered.

Part 1: Locate IMEI number of Lost Mobile Phone

For iPhone:

  1. Find the original packaging box of your phone. IMEI number is printed on the back of the box

For Android phone:

  1. Login to your Google account at Google Dashboard
  2. Click on the Android Device Manager tab
  3. All your connected phones will be listed here. Phone name, model number, manufacturer, carrier, and lot of other data will be listed. Most importantly, the IMEI number too will be mentioned against each of your connected phone. Jot down this IMEI number on a piece of paper for further reference.

Part 2: Contact your Mobile Network Operator

  1. Call your phone; this will help your mobile operator locate your phone.
  2. Call your mobile network provider, give them your mobile number, and explain them that your phone has been lost. After certain verification measures they will be ready to help you.
  3. Provide them your IMEI number, and request them to block your phone immediately.
  4. Also ask them to help locate your phone.
  5. Using the IMEI and the SIM number the mobile operator will be able to send out a ping to your lost mobile phone. If your phone is switched on, it will return this ping, this along with the call you had placed earlier to your phone will help triangulate its location.
  6. Once done, your mobile network provider can provide you with the exact co-ordinated of where your phone is currently located.

Part 3: Taking Action

  1. Be quick to act, as the thief might be on move, and your phone may change location quickly; also once they switch off the phone locating it till be impossible.
  2. Go to your nearest police station with the information ASAP. Get the authorities involved, and work with them to nab the thieves.
  3. DO NOT TAKE THE LAW IN YOUR HANDS. Thieves can often be armed, and or operating in groups. You might find yourself at disadvantage if you face them alone without backup.